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Listen to Cat Sounds on Android Devices

| 28 August 2013 |
Do you remember Instant Buttons? One of the best Android apps and widgets with so many funny sounds on the go. Cat Sounds functions exactly as Instant Button does, with one difference: It just plays cat sounds and keeps 45 different cat sounds in its database, so it doesn’t need any network connection to function.
If you own a cat or love cats, it is really a Must Have app for you with its cool cat sounds from hissing and growling to purring.

Cat Sounds Main Features

  • 45 cat sounds in different categories: Angry cat, cat meowing, cats fighting, cats drinking milk, evil cat, female cat, growling, hissing, kitten, purring, and wild cat
  • Works offline
  • add sounds to your favorite list
  • Check for sounds, popular with other users
  • Set sounds as ringtone
  • Share sound
  • Prank mode
  • Home Screen widget

You can add as many 1×1 widget size as you want on Home Screen and assign different sounds to them. There is no customization available and you can not change the color of the buttons, or show or hide the text and most of all resize the widget.

In Overall, Cat Sounds is really useful for cat lovers and you may communicate with your cat by using these sounds. We are not sure about how close some sounds are to the real sounds, and we couldn’t get Prank Mode to work. Every time we enabled this mode, it automatically started to play sound, even if the phone remained still.

Download Cat Sounds from Google Play