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Missed it: Notification for Missed Calls, Unread Mail, SMS

| 18 July 2013 |

There are many apps and widgets designed to notify you about missed calls, unread emails or text message, new update on Facebook or Twitter, and many other applications which support notifications. But these apps are usually offered as an add on for another application or launcher; For example we have all heard about Holo Notifer which needs Holo Launcher to be installed on your Android device.

On the other side, there are independent apps designed as a notification center. Missed it! is one of the most popular one. This app adds a home screen widget and shows notifications about missed calls, unread messages and other apps’ notifications. It supports lock screen widget for Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and provides many customizations.


Missed It! Main Features

  • Showing Missed calls, message, and voice mails
  • Showing unread Emails for each added Email accounts separately (supports Gmail and K-9)
  • Shows the notifications of every applications which support push notifications
  • Many customization and personalization tools
  • Compatible with Widget Locker and Nova Launcher Prime

When you first open the app, you are welcomed with a comprehensive tutorial and it shows what you should expect from Missed it! Since this App is actually just a Widget, let’s add Missed it! 4×1 Widget to Home Screen and review available options and customizations:

Name: You can assign name to identify this widget in the widgets manager window

Monitored Elements:  Here you specify which apps and event you need to monitor. Default options are: Missed Calls, Unread Messages, Unread Emails of your Gmail account. You get to change the sort or add other application notifications (You need to enable Missed It as accessibility service to allow app monitoring).

Output Format: You can customize how the information be displayed in the widget. You can show numbers either as text or your local language. Another important option is “Show All” which asks you whether to display all elements, even those without notifications or Not.

Appearance: Change the style and background. Available options for style are: change the size, font, and color for Numeric Parameters, Sting parameters, and static text. Background color, corners roundness and shadows can be customized too.

Layout: Layout is all about customizing the layout. You can change to horizontal alignment to Vertical, rotate 90 or 270 degrees, add line separation, and change both inner and outer margins.

Tap to Launch: This checkbox is really useful. If you enable it, you can open related application when tapping any notifications.

If you don’t want to take some time and create your own designed widget, you may use one of the 3 preset widgets.

Missed it! is one of the best notification center widgets for Android and you are not going to regret paying for it.

Download Missed it! From Google Play