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Monsters University & Despicable Me Android Widget

| 13 August 2013 |
Today we are going to intrcoude 2 of the most fun Android widgets, which have been designed and developed based on the characters of 2 favorite movies: Monsters University & Despicable Me. If you are a fan of either of these 2 movies , then it is the best choice for you to monitor the battery percentage of your device or see the current time when looking at your favorite characters.

Minions Battery Widget provides 2 home screen widgets, which the first one shows how much battery is left and the other one functions as an analog clock widget. There is no customization available and it is really hard to understand the current time by looking at the clock widget. The character beside the battery widget and the color of the widget changes as the battery level changes or the device is plugged to a power source.


Monster University Battery provides just a 2×1 battery widget which shows the current battery level while a character of Monsters animation is next to it. Like the other widget, there is no customization available and in this widget the color of widget doesn’t change either.

You shouldn’t expect much from these 2 Android widgets, and if you are not a fan of Monster University or Despicable Me, then you may find them worthless to install, but on the other side, we assume those who love these 2 animations will love these 2 widgets as I am keeping the Monster battery widget on my home screen.

Download Monster University Battery from Google Play

Download Minions Battery Widget from Google Play