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Photo Grid/Frame Widget

| 20 February 2014 |
Photo Grid/Frame Widget
So, if you are looking for a OEM Album, maybe want to install Photo Grid/Frame Widget, this app is Very customizeable, easy to use, and simple way to display your personal photos on your homepage. one of the best point of this widget is No ads. 
You also have complete freedom to customize how the widget looks and works. You can even control the widget using Tasker.
Photo Grid/Frame Widgetplay_bm7z_h480_screenshot_1_photo-grid-frame-widget

– Resizable & scrollable grid view / photo frame mode (slideshow) / stack mode
– Support lockscreen widget in JellyBean (Android 4.2+)
– Supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, MPO, JPS for image files
– Support 3GP, MP4, TS, WEBM, MKV for video files (
– Configurable file types & filename filter
– Selectable photo album from internal/external storage
– Individual file selection
– Can choose a specific installed app to launch for full screen image view or video playback
– Image file details in preview mode (Filename, image dimension, file size and video duration)
– Tween animation in frame mode (fade / slide) ** even better slide effect if navigation arrows are hidden **
– Support different settings in multiple widget instances
– Two different image styles – Scale whole image / Crop to fit
– User define image border width and color
– 15 thumbnail size options
– Display order options
– App to change widget settings on the fly
– Tasker integration
– Requires ICS (Android 4.0) or above

– WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – store thumbnails for grid view to improve performance
– READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – read thumbnails for grid view
– RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – restart services for auto refresh and register alarm manager for slideshow
– WAKE_LOCK – keep phone awake during background thumbnail generation

Download and install from Google Play
* Due to a bug in Android 4.2.1 SDK, if you remove the widget in lockscreen, you need to remove its settings in the app as well manually. Fixed in 4.2.2 SDK.