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Photo Roulette Widget: Add Photos to Home Screen With Beautiful Effects

| 6 September 2013 |

“A great application with so many cool effects to add to your photos and it is really worth installing. Let’s enjoy it” This is our first impression after working with Photo Roulette Widget for a while.

Placed on your home screen, the 2×2 widget application lets you have fun with your photos. Add a photo to the application (either by importing or taking a shot right away) and there you are, you have your photo added over a billboard, a magazine cover, on the milky-way or any other surprisingly places! You can never guess what the next effect would be. It is the application’s job to choose the next effect randomly and to surprise you each time with a fancy new photo montage. You can only interfere by selecting your desired effect categories from option menu. So that for example you can choose to have only one category of effects or all of them (5 categories are available for now: default, man, women, kids, horror). The widget only displays the last photo effect on the home screen, although you are allowed to view the latest 40 photo effects from the app itself.

Unfortunately this widget application requires an active internet connection to do its job. The free version has a 10 minutes limit between the two effects (so that you will have to wait 10 minutes to get the next effect) although this limitation is only 1 minute in the paid version. The widget has a small icon on its upper left side indicating how many photo effects are currently available without waiting, otherwise it displays a clock to indicate you have to wait a couple more minutes.

Photo Roulette Widget Key Features

  • 2×2 home screen widget
  • Selectable photo effect categories
  • Save the latest 40 effects in the history
  • Easy sharing with friends and family

Download Photo Roulette Widget from Google Play