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Powerful Control: Toggle System Settings On/Off Easily

| 5 September 2013 |
It’s been a while since we reviewed a Power Control Android widget, but Powerful Control is worthy enough to take some time and see if it meets your expectations or not. Other than providing toggle buttons to enable or disable system settings from Home Screen, it provides the option to take control of these settings from the notification panel which is very helpful for those who their stock launcher doesn’t support this function.

Available system settings to control are: Mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto rotate screen, Ringer mode, Vibrate when ringing, Airplane mode, Screen brightness, GPS satellites, Data sync, Wi-Fi tether and Flashlight torch.

There are 2 home screen widgets with two sizes: 1×1 and 4×1. The 4×1 widget include 4 to 7 system settings and both widgets can have Dark or Translucent themes (You need to share the app to be able to enable Translucent theme). Everything works flawless and the only thing which may bother you is about showing ads every time you try to add a widget to Home Screen. The auto off flashlight feature, automatically turns off the flashlight after the given time which is helpful for saving some battery.


The Notification Widgets lets you take control of 4 to 7 system settings by dragging down the notification bar. You can also change the status bar icon type from showing application icon to  show battery percentage in 4 different themes.

If you are satisfied with the number of available toggle buttons, and for example you don’t need to turn off NFC from home screen, then Powerful Control is recommended due to its simple design and light size and most of all its notification widgets.

Download Powerful Control from Google Play