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Pulse News: News Widget For Android

| 12 June 2013 |
News App for Android

Pulse News is one of the best News Widgets for Android which lets you access to many news sources, blogs, internet magazines, and social networks. This free new apps makes it possible to save news to read it later, see the summary of article or news, share news on Facebook, Email, or other social networks, and get redirected to the main news source.

The updated version of Pulse News has a “Highlight” section which is about the favorite news, shared by your friends and family. Pulse News has been optimized for many Android phones and tablets and its widget, brings news headlines to your home screen.

 Another good feature of Pulse News is the ability to import your RSS feeds from you Google Reader account.

Pulse News main features:

  • Highlights: See the news shared by friends
  • Dual View: quick look at both article summary and the source
  • Offline syncing
  • Backup and sync data on


Speaking of home screen widgets, there are 3 widgets for Pulse News:

Pulse Page: When adding this widget, you are asked to choose one of your favorite news categories, and it show headline of the latest news of that category as well as its source name.

Pulse Large: This widget lets you choose one of the available sources, and shows you headline of the latest 3 news, and a brief summary is shown if tapping on a news title. Tapping on the arrow icon lets you move between news

Pulse Small: This widget is like Pulse Large and the only difference is that, you just see the headlines and news summary is not available

 pulse News for Android

Download Pulse News from Google Play

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