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Read CNN News on Your Android’s Home Screen

| 19 August 2013 |
Open up to the world with the official android app and widget from the leading source news, CNN.
There is no doubt about the reliability and how up to date CNN is. The Breaking News feature of CNN Android app and widget makes you one of the first hear a breaking news all around the world. The user interface is really eye catching and scrolling through different news categories like: Top Stories, US, Africa, Asia, Europe, Business, Sport, Entertainment, and more to go, is really smooth.

CNN App for Android Phones Main Features

  • Breaking News
  • Save a Story for later access
  • Weather information
  • Latest news from all around the world
  • 2 home screen widgets
  • Supports video and live coverage news
  • Direct access to iReport to both contribute and follow others reports

There are 2 home screen widgets available when installing CNN application, which are:

CNN Small: This 4×1 widget shows the latest headlines of your selected news category. Tapping the news headline takes you to the full story. News headlines are updated automatically and we couldn’t find any manual setting to change the interval. We were expecting to be able to move between news headlines.

CNN Large: We loved this 3×2 home screen widget. After adding the widget, you are asked to select a category, and then the latest news are shown like a slide show which are updated automatically. To move to the next news, you just need to hold your finger on the widget and start swiping down. It deletes the latest news and show the next one. Swiping up brings back  the deleted news. We were really surprised how smooth swiping is and we didn’t find any lags.

If CNN is your first choice for following news, then we should say its Android app is really worth installing and its user friendly design makes reading political news fun!

Download CNN App for Android Phones from Google Play