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Recognize Music on Android by Sound Search for Google Play

| 21 July 2013 |
When we are talking about Google as an App or Widget developer, we should increase our expectations and look for a perfect product. Sound Search for Google Play as a “What is this Song?” Android app is not an exception and it really is one of the best at what it does. These types of apps and widgets do one task: They listen to the playing music and identify it. This task may remind you of Shazam or Soundhound as two of the Best Android Apps for recognizing songs, but Sound Search is very simple and has a very user friendly interface with less features. You just add the Sound search widget to your home screen, hold the phone near to the sound source, and tap the widget. After about a couple of seconds, you will see the song name, artist name, song cover and a shortcut to buy the music from Google Play. Of course you need an internet connection.

If your phone runs Jelly Bean 4.2.2 you can start identifying songs right from your Lock screen and you even don’t even have to unlock your Android phone or tablet.

The widget keeps a history of your recognized songs and you can buy songs later. Thanks to the syncing option, your history can be accessed through all the devices associated with the same Google account. Suppose you hear a song in the street, you just tap the lock screen of your Android phone, and then buy the song from your tablet some time later. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?


Sound Search for Google Play is very easy to use and unlike other apps and widgets in this category doesn’t provide much information about the song, like Song Lyrics.

Since Sound Search is not an App, you need to find it in your widget list, and add it to either your home screen or lock screen.

Download Sound Search for Google Play from Google Play