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Retro Clock Widget Review

| 3 August 2013 |

Retro Clock Widget is one of our favorite Android widgets and of course on of the best Android Clock Widgets selected by our editors.

The 2×1 Retro Clock widget shows the time in a classical mechanical flipping clock style. Tapping the widget takes you to the default clock app.

The 2×1 Retro Date widget shows the day of the week, as well as the date of the year in the same mentioned style.

Retro Clock XL need a 4×2 space to be placed on home screen, and uses the same style to show both date and time.

The thing we like about Retro is about the size of the widget, which is less than 100 KB. Since the widget has a very simple yet stylish design, it is really battery friendly and you may not notice any change in the battery after installing the widget. The app needs no permission to be installed and it just simply shows the time and date with no more extra settings or customizations.


If you are looking for some changes in the widget, you are required to buy Retro Clock Settings from Google Play to be able to add some customizations.

You can change the clock style; card color, text color, line color, and card shading. It is also possible to change the opened app when tapping the widget (The free versions only opens the default app and calendar apps).

In general, Retro Clock Widget is a simple, elegant, and classic looking Android clock widget with no permission to install and no worries about the used memory space.

Download Retro Clock Widget from Google Play