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Screen Off and Lock – Android Widget Review

| 15 July 2013 |

Your smartphone’s screen turns off when you press the physical button on its right (On some devices it is located on the top). If for any reason you want to change this action to a touching method, you can install one of Screen Off & Lock applications. These apps and widgets let you toggle the screen off with a virtual button on the screen.  Screen Off and Lock is one of the best apps for turning Off the screen. In this widget review, we have used the donate version of the App.

Screen Off and Lock Main Features:

  • Turn off and Lock the Screen by tapping the Icon from App Drawer
  • Turn off and Lock the Screen by tapping the notification in the notification panel
  • Turn off and Lock the Screen by tapping the floating icon on the screen
  • Turn off and Lock the Screen by tapping the home screen widget(s)
  • different customizations

Android Screen off and lock

When you first install the Donate version of Screen off and lock, you see  2 icons; One is for toggling off the screen the other is for changing the app’s settings. Available options are:

Enable Shortcut in notification area: This feature (which is only available in the paid version) adds a shortcut in the notification bar, and you just need to drag down the panel and tap “Screen Off and Lock” shortcut to switch off and lock your phone.

Enable floating screen off button: It adds a floating icon on the screen which its place can be changed by holding and moving the icon. You can change the icon size and its Opacity.

Delay Device Locking:
If the screen turns off and comes back immediately or you want to use screen off animation, then you can use this option

Screen off Animation: You can specify the applied visual effects as soon as you turn off the screen, you may use Random animation or choose: Swipe, Old TV Style, Rotate, Zoom, Fade, or just Disable it.
** Note that this feature is available in delay device locking only.

Screen Lock Sound: To change the settings for screen lock sound and screen unlock sound. You can also enable vibration when animation starts.

Enabling Back to Home Screen After Unlocking, shows you the home screen every time you unlock the phone.

There are 4 home screen widgets with different sizes: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4. When you add the widget to Home Screen, you may adjust color, saturation, and Opacity of the widget as well as enabling widget background. Tapping these home screen widgets turn off the display of your Android device.

To uninstall the App, you must first remove device administrator and then uninstall it.  This action can be done from the App’s Settings or by following this path: Settings >> Security (and Privacy) >> Device adminitration

Download Screen off and Lock from Google Play