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Seesmic: Android Facebook & Twitter App and Widget

| 23 June 2013 |

Seesmic is an Android social network app to manage both your Facebook and Twitter account. By using its Home screen widgets, you can quickly access all your stuff in Twitter and Facebook.

Upon starting the app, you will be asked to login into either Facebook or Twitter accounts or both. Now you can add widgets to your home screen to get faster access to your social accounts. There are 6 Seesmic widgets available; one 4×1 and five smaller 1×1.


The 4×1 widget allows you to access your timeline and to see the latest 50 tweets/posts plus a compose button to send a new one. The widget shows only one posts at a time, the other 49 posts is available by tapping the two navigational buttons. And if you use multiple Facebook/Twitter accounts and want to know which of them to see, you can find your account name on the left side. And yes, it is possible to have multiple widgets for multiple accounts.

 The 1×1 widgets are identified by their names: Account, Composer, Facebook Page, Twitter List and Twitter Search.

 The Account widget has two options: It simply creates a shortcut to either your timeline or replies. Tapping it would direct you to the application and one of the specified tabs: timeline or replies.

 The Composer widget does what it says; it creates a shortcut to the application allowing you to send a new post/tweet. You can post, attach a video or photo from gallery or taking photo. The Location button at the top allows you to add three options: Attach my location, Add location map link and Add location address.

 The Seesmic Facebook page allows you to quickly access to your Facebook pages.

 Search Twitter widget gives you shortcut to Search on Twitter page, enabling you to search for Twitter users, Trending Topics or both.

 The Twitter List, shows you the ones You follow and the ones who are Following You.


Key Features

  • Full Twitter/Facebook integration
  • Twitter multi-user login
  • Full Twitter Search capabilities
  • Widget support
  • Tag your location within your messages


Seesmic is available in Google Play