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SeriesGuide: Keeping Track of Your Favorite TV Shows Was Never Easier

| 29 September 2014 |
Well, the 8th season of The Big Bang Theory has just started, as well as our favorite show The Blacklist and the singing competition The Voice.

How do you manage and keep track of your favorite TV shows on your Android device? A simple way is to let the Google Now remind you of the next episodes of your-already-added-to-the-list-favorite-TV-Show. While using Google Now is the simplest way possible, you don’t get much information about the upcoming episodes as well as the ones broadcasted before.
SeriesGuide is the application (comes with a handy widget too) which we believe is the perfect companion for you to never let you miss an episode of your favorite TV Shows.
The initial setup is as simple as just browsing through the list of TV Shows and select the ones you’d like to be notified about. SeriesGuide does the rest.

SeriesGuide Main Features:
  • Simple yet beautiful interface
  • The provided information about each episode is just enough. (There are external links to IMDB and TheTVDB for those who are looking for more details)
  • Add Episodes to the calendar of your Android device (This is kind of a trick, as you need the X Pass subscription in order to use the Notification feature. But you can easily import the data to your calendar and get notified from upcoming episodes right from the Calendar app.)
  • Mark TV Shows as Watched, Favorite and more
  • Sync shows and movies with trakt
  • Keep track of the number of watched episodes and a lot more statistics
  • A widget which shows the list of upcoming episodes on your home screen


If you upgrade to the X Pass version, you’ll get access to notifications and more options when it comes to the SeriesGuide home screen widget. Since you can use the default Calendar on your Android device to be notified about upcoming shows, the only mentionable thing you’ll miss is a more customizable home screen widget. So, why don’t you just install the free version and then see if the SeriesGuide is worth paying $4.99 for one-time subscription or $2.49 yearly subscription.


We really loved the material-like design of SeriesGuide and the neat interface helped us to find what we needed in the shortest possible time.

So, let’s add some TV Shows and find out when the next episodes of those are coming up.