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Simple Dialer Widget: Instant Access to Your Dialer

| 25 August 2013 |
Simple Dialer Widget is for those who think, the current Android dialer app is not fast enough and want to be able to call directly from Home Screen (or even Lock Screen). When you add the resizable widget on home screen, you can quickly start dialing, see your call logs and scroll, and see your contacts or your favorite contacts. If you go to the settings, you can even specify which tabs to show on home screen.

The user interface is really simple and almost everything on this light & fast widget can be personalized. Let’s see some of these available customizations and features:
  • Change the color of these items: header background, icon, main background, text, call icon and separator
  • Change text size dialer digits and dialer call icon size
  • Number of entries to show on call log tab
  • Show only contacts with phone number
  • Show only favorite contacts
  • Widgets can be resized and use the full screen


Simple Dialer Widget functions very well and flawless on home screen and we didn’t see any lags when scrolling through  the call logs tab or contacts list tab. There is no way to change the order of tabs, and on the third tab which is for contacts, you have no option to search for contacts or scroll alphabetically.

Download Simple Dialer Widget from Google Play