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Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW): Dress Up Your Home Screen

| 16 September 2013 |

Ultimate Custom Widget is one of the few best ways to change the look and feel of your home screen; the way you always wanted! It in fact provides a blank canvas or a blank widget and lets you add anything a widget should require. You just need to select what you want to have (texts, icons, graphics, series…), where you want to place it and how you want it to operate in the widget. If you don’t know how to start, no worries, you can use predesigned themes (or UZIP) to start with and to get trained. After you are trained enough to start with a totally blank widget, open the application and hit the NEW button from the menu.

At the top you see a preview of what you are achieving. The main control panel lays below the preview pane. Everything is title-explained here.

Tap Add/remove objects to add (or remove) an object. From the very long list that appears, it is possible to add Time, Date, Calendar, Analog Clock, Static Text, battery related items, location, weather options, Gmail, missed calls & unread messages, shapes, images, icons and almost anything you might need for a professional widget.

Edit objects lets you modify items properties. After you add an object to your widget, use this section to select your item and start modifying its color, size, transparency, position, text contents, their fonts, alignment, shadow and a whole lot more. The interesting part is that you can reposition the item anywhere in the widget by dragging your finger over the preview panel. The Hotspots option enables you to add an action when the user clicks on a part of your widget. It is possible to make the hotspot open an application, alarm clock, update weather, change a system setting, etc. Hotspots work only when hotspot mode is ON in menu.

Use the sort option to configure the drawing order of objects.


After you finished creating your own widget, the save button allows you to save the skin, Make UZIP, Make zip for APK skin or to save your masterpiece as an image.

To use your newly created widget, save it using the ‘Save the Skin’ option. Then drag a UCCW widget to your home screen and select your saved widget from the list.

I am sure there is a lot more feature with this application, but it’s your turn now, it’s up to you to discover them.



  • To use custom fonts for your texts, copy your desired fonts to SD-card/Fonts.
  • Try to use custom images and icons to make a more professional widget.
  • A really good widget to use with this application is Playbar UCCW (requires UCCW to be installed).


Ultimate Custom Widget Features:

  • 16 multi-size widgets available
  • No programming required
  • Open/save skins for easy sharing
  • Set hotspot/clickable areas on widgets
  • Custom text option for time and date elements
  • Full weather support
  • Support for analog clocks
  • Use custom fonts for texts

Download UCCW from Play Store