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Unique Widgets: Beautiful, Simple, Functional and …. Unique

| 24 March 2015 |
When we first launched AW Center, our first and main goal was to find the best widgets to get the most of the Android devices’ home screens. And now we believe we found one of the best in its category, which we highly recommend it to our readers.

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Unique Widgets – Weather/clock, as its name suggests, comes with different weather, clock and battery widgets and its ultimate customization options lets you get unique. Literally unique.


First let’s review the main features of Unique Widgets:

  • Material Design
  • Weather, Clock (Analog and Digital) and Battery widgets
  • Ultimate customization options (It really is ultimate)
  • Weather information in the notification bar and lock screen with customization options
  • Weather features: Full weather information, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Precipitation, Hour-by-hour forecast, and 10-day forecast. The app uses your location to provide accurate forecasts or you may just add your location manually
  • Clock: Analog and digital clock with beautiful designs, Dual Clock
  • Smart Battery Module, which as the developer claims (and we tested it too), it learns your behavior and provide accurate estimations about your battery life and how long it lasts before the next charge
  • Moon Phase
  • Fully transparent Weather and clock widgets
  • Free online store (Which according their Google Play description the store will be updated every month with 50 new designs)


If you are thinking that Unique Widget is just like other applications in the Weather/Clock category and why you should try this application, we should say the Unique Widgets advantage point is all about the Customization options and its Unique and user friendly design.

As you can see in the screenshots below, you get to change the weather icons, digital/analog clocks design, the text colors, weather icons colors, transparency level and many more. There is also a fun option which sets up a widget with random layout, design and colors.


And whenever you are tired of your current widgets designs, you can easily head to the Free Theme Store and download new designs (for free), and create a whole new home screen widgets which suit your mood the best.


Unique Widgets is an expert in providing different customization options for the best home screen widgets experience, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be drown in to endless settings, features and toggles and options with no clue how to get through. While you have the option to use the Advanced mode to completely change everything by your own in a very friendly user interface, you can also use the Simple mode and enjoy some default settings.


In overall, we believe Unique Widgets is a must have application for those who want everything in control and care for a beautiful and unique home screen.

Unique Widgets is the best Android weather, clock and battery widget which is worth every penny and while the design is eye catching and elegant, it’s completely functional, provides useful information at a glance and is easy to use.