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Use Quick Search Widget to Search From Home Screen Through Multiple Search Engines

| 15 October 2013 |

Why settle for one search engine when you can have multiple at one? Quick Search Widget brings together most popular search engines to your home screen. The fastest way to search in Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, weather forecast, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon and a whole lot more from a single location on your home screen.

Quick Search offers one single 3×1 home screen widget. You can add multiple widgets to your home screen and customize each one as you want. The widget does not have enough space to let you type and search directly from it and upon clicking the textbox, the main application runs where you can freely type & search. This may seem irritating but that shouldn’t bother you for two reasons: 1: the app runs so fast upon clicking 2: there is a ‘Mini Search’ mode that you can enable to make the app launch as a small strip with a transparent background on the home screen so that you are no more directed to the main application.


The big button on the widget opens up a dialog where you can quickly switch between different search engines. It’s good to see there are options to search within Daily motion and Google services such as Google Maps, News and Google Play Store. I think the button is a bit too much big while the textbox is so small that I have problem clicking it. There is also a small voice search button on the widget if you prefer voice searching.


The application supports search suggestions that can instantly bring the most relevant items as you type. It also supports https to make a secure connection for suggestions and search results.

Although using the widget to search is so much faster than doing a search in the web browser, it is much faster if we could use the physical Search key to bring up the app. This is why the developer has provided used such feature (although it didn’t work on my tablet): “Open the app from anywhere, by long-pressing the Search button on your phone”.


Pros: support for most commonly used search engines, support for different languages/countries, fast search suggestions

Cons: Widgets could have better UI,

Quick Search Widget General Features:

  • Search from your homescreen
  • Support for over 10 search engines and services
  • 3×1 homescreen widget
  • Option to add multiple customized widgets
  • Easy switching between search engines
  • Voice search
  • Search Suggestion


Download Quick Search Widget from Google Play