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Wetter.Com: Best Android Weather Widget for Germany

| 17 July 2013 |
It’s been a while since we reviewed an Android weather app & widget. is with no doubt the best Android weather widget for Germans and their country.

When opening the app, you are asked to either search for the location, or let the app use you current location by the aid of GPS. Then the weather info for the current day and the next 7 days are shown. Weather information for current day includes: current time, sunset and sunrise time, current temperature, weather status (i.e: partly cloudy, sunny), wind speed, wind direction, and showing graphically the weather status.

Weather information for the next 7 days forecast includes: lowest and highest temperature of the day, weather status, and rain status.

Tapping the current day, takes you to detailed weather information for that day. It show the weather condition for Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night separately.  If you live in Germany you may go to Radar tab and be notified about rain forecast by looking at Animated Rain Radar. Report tab shows some editorial weather forecast, specifically for Germany, Austria, and  Switzerland and the language in this section is not English and has been written in the local language. Before reviewing the home screen widget, let’s move to the last tab and see some Video Forecast for Germany. As mentioned at the beginning of the review is designed for Germany and another exclusive feature for German users is Weather Warning. It notifies you when there is a severe change in the weather condition.

Germany-Weather-Widget comes with 3 Home Screen widgets which are as follows: 2×1: This Home Screen widget just shows the weather condition as well as the current temperature. You can select a city or let the app display the weather of the city you are located at the moment. Update weather data can be either set to automatic or be changed from every 15 minutes to every 24 hours. The other available options are about weather warnings. You can mark “Warning Filter” to be notified only for severe weather warnings 4×1: Other than showing the current weather condition, this home screen widget displays the current time too. You can assign an action when tapping the clock and open an Alarm Clock app. This widget with its compact size and the information it delivers, is our favorite. Other customization are the same as the 2×1 size. 4×2: The biggest home screen widget of other than the mentioned features in the previous widgets, shows the sunset & sunrise time as well as the wind direction and speed too.

Download from Google Play. The free version support Ads.