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Your Eye In Sky to Forecast the Weather

| 4 September 2013 |
Eye in Sky is one of the best Android weather apps and widgets with 4 resizable home screen widgets: Cities, Forecast, Icon, and Temperature. Let’s see what each of these widgets offer:

Eye In Sky Cities: When you add this 4×2 widget (which can be resized to 4×3 or 4×4), you are asked to set the locations you would like to see weather info on home screen. Customizations are choosing a theme from more than 10 available themes, changing text color and background color, and show or hide edit dots and refresh button as well as enabling rounded corners. After pressing the OK button, you see the current temperature, weather situation, a 4 day forecast including the minimum and maximum temperature, and 2 arrow keys to move between different cities.

Eye In Sky Forecast: This 4×1 home screen widget, shows a 5 day forecast by providing the minimum and maximum temperature and weather situations for those days. There is no option to view multiple cities and you need to select one. The only negative point about this widget is that, there is no sign of the city on the widget. It means if you add 4 forecast widgets on the home screen for 4 different cities, you have no idea which widget is showing the forecast for which city!

Eye In Sky Icon: This 1×1 widget shows the current weather condition of your chosen city (or your current location). You have the option to view the temperature as well, but like the forecast widget, you don’t see the name of the city in the widget. The resizing feature makes it possible to see a rainy or snowy icon covering the whole screen.

Eye In Sky Temperature: This 1×1 widget uses a round circle style to to show the current temperature of your current location or any other select city. The refresh button helps you get the updated data as you tap on it. You may also resize the widget.

In overall, Eye In Sky, provides some clean and well designed home screen widgets, and you can choose the details to view by adding different home screen widgets. The only thing we would like to see in the next updates, is about showing the name of cities above the widgets, just like Cities Widget.

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