set up multiple alarms on your Android phone and be sure the Digital Alarm Clock reminds you or wakes you up


This Digital Alarm Clock from ZabaMobile has all the features you were looking for. Check out the reviews, they speak for themselves!

After reviewing the fantastic user feedback and reviews, we know that you want an alarm clock that suits your exact needs and this Digital Clock puts you in control! Its all set up ready to go and the default theme looks amazing - or you can customise this clock to look and behave any way you like using the incredibly easy to use settings interface.
Drift off to sleep, safe in the knowledge that the alarm clock will reliably wake you up, the way you want to be woken, either gently or with a nudge!
This Digital Clock even knows when its time for bed. Simply plug in your charger or dock your device and the clock will automatically be shown along with other useful information including the next alarm time.
Try it now and find another practical use for your device.
There are so many great features and customisable options we can't mention them all but here are a few
*** Highlighted Features *** to give you a taste!

* Quickly style your clock by picking from a diverse selection of themes.
* Completely customise the clock and make it your own, picking your colour of choice for each part of the display.
* Set the size of the time and date, great for those who want to see it from across the room.
* Adjustable brightness feature
* Nightlight
* Set up multiple alarms, vibrate and much more.
* Mute your device when its time for bed by automatically disabling all notifications and ringers.

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