A News Widget to show the real time news on your home screen


Why Android doesn't have simple news widget?

Real Time News Widget! Easy!, Fast!
Not use RSS!

Choice of Yahoo News(U.S./World), Daum(Kor), Naver(Kor) to extract the 18 top news story by scrolling to the widget shows
News widgets with one click to move to.
Of the network in order to save battery, and additional settings and technology were used.

* In beta testing, so this may or may not work in some situations.

The base setting function
News Type: Select the type of news (Yahoo(U.S./World), Daum, Naver can be selected)
Scroll speed: the speed of the scroll to select the news.
News might update time: news update interval. The shorter the battery and network consumption is high.
Font Style/Background Style: Select the type of font and background.

Additional settings
Night settings: in order to save at night (12:00 to 6:00) to stop the update on.
Wifi settings: Wi-Fi is connected only to update.

The upper/bottom-right corner of the widget to scroll the news.

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Android Realtime News WidgetAndroid Realtime News WidgetAndroid Realtime News WidgetAndroid Realtime News Widget