Customize your widget and select your favorite sources and then get the latest news on your Home screen. The widget is highly customizable and is working smoothly


-- Scrollable RSS reader widget --

Full history available at: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=848454


- You MUST uninstall 1.x before installing 2.x (do not simply upgrade)
- Do not install on SD!

Please note the story title color is controlled by both the widget theme and specific feed setup. If a feed declares a color, it takes precedence over the color declared in the theme. This is a feature designed to help users to quickly sort out articles visually.

The widget is highly customizable (emphasis on "highly"). Please take the time to go through the options before spreading false info because you missed a configuration option.


- Homescreen app widget
- Natively scrollable
- Natively resizable
- Appearance customization
- List or grid disposition
- Five item layouts to choose from
- OMPL Import/export to SD
- Multiple widget instances
- Multiple feeds per widget
- Feed color discriminant
- Thumbnail support
- Feed lookup (browsing the target)
- Feed search (using googleapis)
- Share stories
- Save favorites (~bookmarks)

Found a bug? Report it through the proper channels. Issues reported via the market comment feature won't be investigated. Period.

A set of three hidden buttons are present over the title bar; they are used to, from left to right: open the widget config, refresh the widget stories (without fetching feeds) and reload the widget (actually fetching feeds). Please note that those three buttons are always present even if the title bar is hidden. You can enable the global option "Debug" to see where they are actually located.

Background rendering can be tweaked in the global options ("prefer shape over 9-patch"). Widget is best rendered with shapes but they have been reported to not work correctly on some devices. So by default a 9-patch is used. This is ok in most cases but if for some reasons you want the widget to be smaller than 3 rows (or 3 cols) you may see visual artifacts on the background borders (when rounded corners are enabled). If so, try enabling the latter option.

Limitation (HoneyComb only):
- Widget title cannot be hidden on HoneyComb (feature explicitely deactivated)

"There's only one widget size! Why?" The widget is natively resizable under HC/ICS/JB - the default size is set to 4x4. Providing more widget sizes would make the apk heavier and would clutter the widget choice page.

Doesnot work at all? Probably something wrong on your side.

Since version 2.0.0 the widget is natively scrollable under Honeycomb (from 3.1), ICS and JB. It is however not compatible with prior Android versions.

Please report any issue to google code: http://code.google.com/p/scrollable-news-widget/issues/list

Gingerbread users: please use version available from google code ( still requires an alternative launcher such as Go Launcher or ADW Ex).


Bad things happen but...

"Work not! Fix it!" Yeah, right... That's the way to ask! Or is it?

"Dev should test the app" Seriously? Do you really think it has not been tested? Whining won't bring you anything.

The source is freely available but this is mostly a one-man job. This is software thus there ought to be bugs. I cannot think of all borderline cases; also there are zillions of feeds out there and unfortunately most of them are malformed. Being rude is easy but sadly it won't help me to fix issues and it won't bring you anything neither (or so i hope).

This widget has been tested against Motorola Defy running CM9 and CM10 (Android 4.0.4/4.1.x) and Asus TF101 running Prime 2.1.1 (Android 3.2) and CM10 (4.1.x) with the following launchers:
- Apex Launcher
- Nova Launcher
- Go Launcher
- Stock launcher
- ADW Ex

It has also been reported to work correctly (i.e. as expected) against a variety of other device/rom/launcher combinations.

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