Just simply press the widget to quickly change volume states' Normal, Silent, Vibrate, Loud, Quiet


The Quick Volume Widget Free eliminates the need to go through menus when you want to change sound levels on your phone. With the widget running, just simply press the widget to quickly change volume states. Now with version 2+, you can quickly access all the volume quick settings from the notification area. This is very useful when you are running another app and want to change the sound levels without leaving the app. You can also toggle Wifi and Bluetooth states from within the app.

** Long press on home screen to install. **

Please email support with any problems and they will be promptly addressed. We do support this app and will respond quickly if contacted (1/26/12).

*** Note: In order for the Phone Only mode to work properly, your phone must be set to NOT use incoming call volume for notifications. Go to Settings, Sound and uncheck the box. Android 4.0+ Ice Cream Sandwich does not support separate volume levels for notifications and ringtone. Phone only mode does not work on ICS.***

Featured States:
Normal - You run the app to set your normal volume levels.
Phone only - Great for sleeping. Only the ringer is enabled. (does not alter alarm volume)
Vibrate - All sound is disabled. Phone will vibrate for phone calls.
Silent - No sounds or vibrations.
Quiet - 10% on all volume settings.
Medium - 50% on all volume settings.
Loud - 90% on all volume settings.

Get the Pro version to add the following features:
*Change colors/appearance.
*Two additional custom volume modes.
*Choose the volume modes that you want to appear in the widget.
*Easy access to mode settings.
*Notification icons allow for more easy identification of current mode.
*No upgrade nag on the quick settings accessed through the notification area.

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Quick Volume Widget FreeQuick Volume Widget FreeQuick Volume Widget FreeQuick Volume Widget FreeQuick Volume Widget Free